21 Moving Tips
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21 Moving Tips

Moving from one house to another can be a messy thing. Aside from hiring moving companies or truck rental services, here are 22 things that you can do before moving to make your transition from one place to another stress-free.

There are a lot of things you have to take into consideration when you move from one place to another. Preparing a month or two before you relocate is essential.  Here are some tips that may come handy when you are preparing to relocate.

1.  Prepare a checklist and itinerary of the things you are going to bring and do. The earlier the better because you’ll remember things that you might think you need.

2. Segregate things which you are going to bring and which you are going to sell in a garage sale. With the things you are going to bring, classify them.

3. Moving might be a bit expensive because you might need to hire a movers. It is important to canvass moving companies so that you’ll have choice to where your budget might fit. Truck rental can also be an option.

4. Arrange and select furniture that might need moving trucks.

5. Garage sale is very popular. Sell the things you are not using or you think you might not need when you are already in your new pad. You put the income as a back-up fund for moving.

6. You need newspapers to hold fragile things, so start saving one.

7. It’s charitable to donate unsold furniture and items to an institution like charities.

8. Inform services that you might have to cancel or transfer.

9.There are utilities that you might not necessarily cancel. Inquire if you can have them transferred to your new home.

10. Change of address is also necessary to important documents. You have to submit one.

11. Publishers, mail, creditors and utility companies might need to be informed of the transfer. Give forwarding address to continue subscriptions and services.

12. Buy things you might need in moving ahead of time.

13. Prioritize the things you might need to move first.

14. To avoid confusion, label boxes of what they contain. It will also be less stressful when you unpack.

15. Arrange travel plans, temporary housing and babysitting as early as possible.

16. Obtain floor plans and measurements of the house to know how to arrange furniture.

17. Make an inventory of all the things you are going to bring.

18. Write instructions you might need to tell the moving crew so that you might not miss out or forget anything.

19. Electronic things have to be unplugged and disconnected.

20. Visit a physician for last-minute medical check-ups and prescriptions.

21. Coordinate with the moving company the pick-up of new furniture you might have bought.

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