Clutter Free Kitchen: Easy Storage Ideas for Any Kitchen
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Clutter Free Kitchen: Easy Storage Ideas for Any Kitchen

Making your kitchen clutter free is quite easy with a little research and thoughtful organizing.

To some the kitchen is a home's central hub. This is where food is cooked to feed family and friends. Sometimes it turns into a place where people congregate to share the joy of cooking or simply watching someone cook. Some even add their small home office adjacent to the kitchen as this seems more conducive to doing "work" than in any other part of the house, except of course if you are a mechanic or a carpenter.

Having said that, the kitchen is also usually one of the most cluttered spaces in the house. One needs to allot space for cooking equipments like stoves, ovens, microwaves, toasters, etc. Or for storing perishable and none-perishable goods like the refrigerator and cupboards. There are other assortment of things like dishes, cooking vessels, cooking utensils, knives and other paraphernalias that anyone who loves cooking cannot do without.

Making your kitchen clutter free is quite easy with a little research and thoughtful organizing. 

Pull Out Shelves or Racks. Pull out or slide out shelves are space saving storage spaces that you can install underneath kitchen counters to maximize the space of your cabinets. It has been around for a while. Most kitchen designers usually use them to disguise trash containers and utilize corner spaces even under the sink.

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Escalator Baskets. Escalator baskets are nothing but a replica of pull out shelves or racks except that they get pulled up or down from kitchen cupboards.

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Lazy Susans. Lazy susans are nothing more than corner cabinetry. Remember that corner where the undercounter angles meet? They used to be dead spaces. Now because of Lazy Susans no space is useless space.

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Pot Racks. Pot racks could either be wall mounted or hanging from the ceiling. It will all depend on the design and effect that you want to achieve. You could either go classic, country or modern.

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There are other nifty ways out there for organizing your kitchen. It's best to incorporate them during the planning stages of construction as this would greatly minimize production costs. 

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Comments (4)

Nice ideas here, also useful for interior design.

Thank you, Michael. ^^

Great ideas, I love a pantry...thanks for sharing

Thank you Francina.