Creative Ways to Create More Storage Space in Your Home
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Creative Ways to Create More Storage Space in Your Home

If you think you\'re too busy to give order to chaos, think of the time you\'d save if you got your home organized. House stretching ideas that will create more storage in your home...

If you think you're too busy to give order to chaos, think of the time you'd save if you got your home organized.  Lots of space is a common longing of many homeowners who can't seem to find enough space at home to store the ever- growing collection of clothes, shoes, bags, toys, books and many other things that are "in" and "out" in today's lifestyle. 

To bring back sanity into your chaotic house surroundings, start with the place  that bothers you most.  Select a room that is driving you off the wall and work on that space.  According to a famous architect, unclogging the clutter is the first thing you need to do.  Take out all the things in the room so you can see what you have.  Then group those things accordingly in your own different categories such as equipment, garden tools, kitchen tools, miscellaneous items, car gear, and others.  Then after sorting them, check the stuff that you really need and those that can be dispensed of, or thrown away.  Determine its usefulness and decide whether you want to discard them, or you can organize a rummage sale of the items. Better yet donate them to charitable institutions.

Creating more storage in your living room

From Woman Today,  Home and Interior Special, a famous interior decorator shares household stretching ideas that will help generate more space in your home:

Living room and Dining room Space

1) Maximize storage by taking all cabinets and book shelves right up to the ceiling.  When the ceiling is too high, you can use a nice looking stool to serve as a ladder to reach your stuff.

2) Measure audio and video component carefully and create the exact area where you'll keep then so you don't waste space.

3) Small tables are far from storage friendly.  Top then with skirts so you can store things underneath.

4) Don't waste that space behind, above, and around floors, and archways and between and below windows.  These can accommodate shelves or cabinets.

Bedroom Space

1) If you're in the market for a new bed, remember that the higher the bed, the more things you can keep under it.  If you have an old bed, since it usually takes up the most space, you can take advantage of its storage potential.  Under bed boxes are a quick and inexpensive way to do.

2) Book shelves make terrific sense in bedrooms.  Fit a rack with shelves behind door, round up with bunch of pretty containers and you can store more than books or shelves.

3) An attractive paneled screen divider gives a room a lot more interesting look; it creates a place for you to store laundry basket or anything you want to put out of sight.

Kitchen Space

1) Install drawers at the bottom of cabinets where you store trays, cooking tins, linens and place mats.

2) Use every available surface for open storage.  Hang small appliances on walls a brass rod for hanging pans and utensils.

3) Display trays, bowls, and other attractive pieces you don't reach for often above cabinets.

4) Replace chairs in your breakfast nook with corner bench built in against the wall that has storage space under the seat.

5) A fold-down counter table is often the only way to squeeze an eating surface into a tiny kitchen.  If you have a rectangular table in the middle, replace it with a storage overhang that can double as a table.


Ancheta, Rod, "Space: that Art of Stretching Your House." Woman Today, Home and Interiors Special 99

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