Downsizing Your Home: 10 Tips to Make the Downsizing Transition Easier
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Downsizing Your Home: 10 Tips to Make the Downsizing Transition Easier

Tips and advice on how to make the transition when downsizing from their home.

Today many people are downsizing due to the economy, age, company transfers or being empty nester's.  Some just want less maintenance and smaller mortgage payments.  In any case, it is a difficult task.

Here is a list of tips and advice to help you downsize.

1.  Make a list of items that are must haves.  If items don't make your MVP (Most Valuable Possessions) list then get rid of it.  If you have sentimental pieces, give them to relatives, or close friends that will appreciate them.

2.  Recycle, don't throw away.  Please consider sorting items that can be reused or recycled or donated instead of throwing away.  Remember, another mans trash is another mans treasure.

3.  Start with key rooms.  Start with the largest most cluttered rooms first.  The kitchen usually has the most little items in cabinets and drawers.  The family room should be next, master, then other rooms.

4.  Get another perspective.  If you are having trouble getting rid of items, bring in a friend, relative or professional home stager, someone that doesn't have an attachment to items like you do.

5.  Get rid of the clutter as soon as you know you are moving.  This is the hardest thing to do, but start as soon as you can, tackling a little bit everyday, even an hour or so will help.  Don't try to get everything done at once, it will not only be exhausting, but overwhelming.   Eventually, when moving day comes you will have everything ready.

6.  Know how much new space you will have.  You may go from a home with a formal dining room to one with none, or 4 bedrooms down to 3.  You will have to prepare yourself that you will need to let go of furniture and accessories.  Giveaway to relatives, donate or auction off higher end pieces.  Don't try to cram everything into your new space.

7.  Have 4 piles.  Sort into four different areas.  Keep.  Donate.  Give to family members.  Throw away.

8.  When organizing new space.  Use clear bins or totes to keep things organized.  They are efficient, you can see what's in them, and they stack well.

9.  Purge your closets.  This is a great time to donate your clothes to a shelter.  If you haven't worn it in at least 2 years get rid of it.  Especially if you're moving to a warmer climate from a colder one, thin out the long sleeves and vice versa.

10.  Take a breath and relax.  Realize this is one of the most important steps you'll be taking in your life.  Try to look forward, and understand that downsizing will probably give you more time to do things that you really enjoy.  Less or no yard work, less maintenance, less to clean, less money for mortgages which means more money to spend on other things you want to do.

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