Home Organization Stores Comparison: Organize.com vs. GetOrganized
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Home Organization Stores Comparison: Organize.com vs. GetOrganized

In this report
Organizing items in a house or office can be a very overwhelming task at times, especially if there is not enough space to accommodate things. However, nowadays there are so many home organization and office organization products available that help to make the work easier for you. One of the challenges that many people face when purchasing home organization items is finding the right organizer for each item. Obviously, the type of organizers that you may need for a family room would certainly differ from home office organizers. Therefore, you have to consider purchasing from a store that has a wide range of organizers. Competitive pricing and customer service are also important factors to consider when purchasing these products. This comparison report compares two popular home organization stores online: Organize.com vs. GetOrganized.
#1 - Organize.com   http://www.Organize.com

Organize.com is a premier source of home and office organization online. The store offers numerous kinds of organization solutions for different types of space and item. You will be surprised at the amount of organization products that you can find at this store since they offer almost every kind of organizer and storage that you can ever think of.From fridge organization to garage organization, Organize.com has the right solution for you.

The main factor that sets Organize.com apart from its competitors is the huge amount of products that they offer. For example, Organize.com offers a wider range of organizers and storage solutions for babies and kids than their competitor, GetOrganized. They also make your shopping experience very convenient by allowing you to shop for items by special categories like color (e.g different color for baby boys and baby girls) and brand. They also offer the "She" category especially for moms, brides-to-be, teen girls, and career women. Another unique feature is the Teacher Registry that helps teachers to find great products to organize their classroom, and earn a 15% discount by joining their Discount Program.

The only weak point that I notice is that their search filter does not provide the ability to filter products by user ratings. You also cannot sort the results by price.

Below is the pricing information for several products that are available at Organize.com:

  • Drawer organizers: $5.99 - $26.99
  • Bathroom Shelves: $14.49 - $220.49
  • Underbed shoe rack: $7.49 - $63.99
  • Cord organizers: $3.49 - $31.49
  • Outdoor storage boxes: $119.99 - $339.99
#2 - GetOrganized   http://www.shopgetorganized.com

GetOrganized has been in the mail catalog industry for over 50 years. Like Organize.com, this store also offers various kinds of organization solutions. At this store, you can search for the product that you want by room (bedroom, bathroom, closet, family room, home office, kitchen and laundry room) and type of organizers. GetOrganized also offers a collection of lighting solutions, outdoor storage and accessories, automotive, personal care as well as gift and novelty items.

The great thing about shopping at this store is that they offer a lot of opportunities for you to save on your order. They have deals such as the Weekly Specials, Web Exclusives, Save 10% Instantly offer, and 90% Discounts when you sign up for these savings. They also have the "As Seen on TV" category that has all the "As Seen on TV" items in one place. Finding the right product is also easy because of the comprehensive search filter and sort features.

Although GetOrganized offers a wide selection of organizers for various types of spaces and items, the amount of choices that they have is much less than the choices offered by Organize.com. They also do not offer storage items specifically for kids, travel organizers, and several others that are offered at Organize.com.

The pricing information for some of the products available at GetOrganized are as follows:

  • Drawer organizers: $9.99 - $99.98
  • Bathroom shelves: $19.80 - $229.98
  • Underbed shoe rack: $9.98 - $69.98
  • Cord organizers: $6.99 - $34.98
  • Outdoor storage boxes: $39.98 - $189.98
The Bottom Line

Organize.com wins the number one spot in this comparison report due to their enormous amount of storage solutions that they offer. In many categories, more items are listed at Organize.com than GetOrganized. In addition to that, Organize.com features categories that are specifically targeted to certain buyers, for example the "She" category for ladies, kids category, and travel category. This makes the shopping experience more pleasant and convenience, especially when you are not interested to browse through all of the products. In terms of pricing, there are certain product categories where you can get cheaper prices than the ones offered by GetOrganized, although this is not a major determining factor.

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