Home Storage and Easy Organizing Tips For Home
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Home Storage and Easy Organizing Tips For Home

Some questions to ask yourself when you face your things: Do I really need it? When was the last time you used it? Does it just take up space. You must eliminate objects and reduce clutter in order to get organized. According to experts a basket or few hooks and a bit of reshuffling of items on the shelf is sometimes all it takes to eliminate mess.

Some questions to ask yourself when you face your things:  Do I really need it?   When was the last time you used it?  Does it just take up space?  Well you must eliminate objects and reduce clutter in order to get organized.  According to experts a basket of two, few hooks and a bit of reshuffling of items on a shelf is sometimes all it takes to eliminate mess.

Try these easy organizing tips from home experts:

Storage of Toys.  Put games, books on lower shelves in the play room.  On the upper shelves, place paints, clay scissor, crayons, or anything, you don't want a kids to play with - unsupervised.


Into the Basket.  Buy one small basket for each person on the house.  Hang a basket near the closet door.  Use them for gloves, bats, scarves, and other small but important items.  Whenever you spot an item that you don't need anymore in the cabinet, put it into the basket.  This method works for long-term uncluttered and will help you reduce the number of thing.  This is one way to easy organizing.                        

Borrowed Book Shelf.  Select one shelf in the living room or playground for storing borrowed library books.  You'll know where they are when it's time to return the book.


Organize your refrigerator. To organize your refrigerator, keep all the like fruits and veggies together,  bread together,candies together, spread together and so forth.  This way, if somebody eat all the candies, you easily know by the empty space.  For all leftovers keep them in a designated place.  This way you can keep an eye on them, remembering they should go sooner than the rest.  If they're not used up by a particular due date, throw them out.  Don't forget to label everything you put into the freezer after wrapping it correctly.


On File.  Keep household documents such as owner's manual, warranties of appliances in a handy folded envelope.  File the instruction booklets that come with your new appliances, from major ones like refrigerator to minor ones such as coffee maker.  Keep the  following information:

  • Date of purchase
  • Store names
  • Service date
  • Check number
  • Amount paid

If the problem arises, it takes only a minute to determine whether or not the item is still under warranty and where to call for service.

Bath Toys.  Another organizing tip is to have a zippered lingerie bag..  Zippered lingerie bag can be use for storing  bath toys.  Tie it with string, and hang it over the shower head so toys can drip dry.


"My Calendar".  Have a large wall calendar.  This is one of the easy organizing tips at home.  This is especially helpful to verify payments that may have gotten lost.  Or if you conduct a lot of business by mail say ordering merchandise, you can enter such transaction on a large wall calendar. "My Calendar" can be placed in the kitchen where you can check it from time to time.


Photos Albums.   Photos albums for health is a must.. A photo album with self sticking pages works very well.  You can list down illness, doctor's visit, treatment date, medication and doctor's instruction.  A quick glance at your album will help you to be well prepared when you pay a visit to the doctor or an emergency occurs.

Emergency Shelf.  Set Up an emergency shelf out of reach of children.  Store in it flashlight, candles, matches, first aid kit and an index card with all emergency telephone numbers.  Make sure your housemaid and your baby sitters know where the shelf is.


     Anonymous,Easy Organizing, Family Today Volume 1 Number 6

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Comments (1)

Good advice. Some say as a rule of thumb, if you haven't used something in 2 years you probably don't need it. Although most hoarders would disagree with that.