How to Avoid Disorderliness in Your House
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How to Avoid Disorderliness in Your House

Most of us want our homes to have an orderly look whenever someone comes in. We should know how to avoid disorderliness in our house.

Most of us want our homes to have an orderly look whenever someone comes in. if we keep things in order, it gives us a relaxed environment. Live by the mantra, “a place for everything and everything in its place.” If you assign a spot for each thing, you’ll know what to do with it. Indecision is a big cause of disorderliness.

Here are more helpful tips to help you avoid disorderliness in your house.

1. Have a place for everything and have everything in its place. Advertise, publicize and point all these storage places to all. add more out of sight storage where possible.

2. Hang out of sight hooks, racks, etc. Buy closed cabinets without glass doors so you can store things out of view.

3. Buy tables with drawers – at least one, more if possible. Or buy chests of drawers for end tables. Make more closet space if yours is inadequate.

4. Consider rollout under bed chests. They’re great for out of season things, toys, hobbies. If you have a place for out of season clothing storage, clear out your closets and transfer at each season.

5. Forbid putting things on mantels and furniture. Inside things should be put where they belong. Have a basket or other container for mail, papers and magazines, plus a rule about getting rid of old ones. You can pass these on to hungry readers but designate a collection spot.

6. Each family member must hang up all clothes or put them in laundry hamper. All schools, sports and other equipment should have a place and be put there.

7. Keep wastebaskets in logical, convenient locations and see that they are emptied often. Collect from each in a disposable bag.

8. Have designated drawers or other hideaways for readily available tissues, coasters, paper napkins, matches for lighting candles, etc. Most sewing and needlework container are unattractive clutters. Stash away.

9. Provide out of sight, orderly, reachable storage for tapes, VCDs, CDs,, and photo albums, too.. Toys have to go where they belong when not in use. They are not pretty except in use.

10. Make every trip count. Never go or return empty handed. Keep an attractive basket near the foot of the stairs to collect items and save trips going up, and one upstairs for going down.

11. Always put in peripheral view the thing you use on an everyday basis. For example, when organizing a closet, things you reach for at least once a week should be stored at a height between your shoulders and your knees.

12. If you have multiple drawers in your vanity, organize each one based on item usage. The most frequently used items should be located in an easy-to-reach top drawer while occasionally used items should be toward the bottom drawer.

Source: Housekeeping Made Easy

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Comments (5)

I don't know how realistic the "forbidding" part is, but many other good ideas!

very interesting and helpful tips.Thanks Aileen

Maybe avoiding should do it, sir James :) Thanks to you and to sir Abdel-moniem!

Good housekeeping.

Outstanding work.