Ideas for Creating More Storage Space in Your Home
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Ideas for Creating More Storage Space in Your Home

No matter how small your living space, there are clever ways you can create more room for storage!  Of course, the first place you think of when you think "storage" is the closet.  Are your closets being effectively utilized?  You don't have to spend a lot of money on those fancy closet organizers to make the most of your closet space.  How is the closet currently being used?  Are there boxes or junk stacked on the floor?  Are there clothes hung from a rod?  How much room do you have between the closet shelf and the ceiling of your closet?  Here are a few ideas to maximize your closet space:

1.  If the closet is being used for boxes, or if you have piles of "stuff" on the floor, consider using an existing piece of furniture - such as an old bookcase or shelving system, a bench or even an old entertainment center - inside the closet to maximize your space.  These are available for little money at your local thrift store if you don't have anything currently sitting around your home.

2.  If there is a high ceiling in the closet, and you currently only have the one standard closet shelf, think about adding one or two additional shelves.  These will be very useful for items that you don't need to access often, like Christmas ornaments or other holiday trimmings.

3.  If you hang clothes in this closet, would you have more effectively used space if you hung a second rod halfway between the existing rod and the floor?  This allows you to hang shorter items, like shirts or skirts or blouses.

Another idea for increasing your storage space is to store items under your beds.  You might be able to find old dresser drawers that will fit under the bed to help you organize extra bedding, large quilts, etc. that you want to hide out of sight.  Place a large garbage bag or sheet of plastic over these items to reduce dust.  And, if there isn't a lot of room under your bed, consider using bed "elevators".  These are plastic "stilts" that you place your bed legs in to raise the bed a few inches off the floor.

Do you have space between the tops of your kitchen cabinets and the ceiling in your kitchen?  Try large baskets as storage for little used kitchen appliances, etc.

Last, but certainly not least, is to disguise your storage items as pieces of furniture!  Cover rows of boxes with a nice tablecloth to create a sideboard in your dining room.  Cover a row of plastic totes with a quilted bedspread and create a window seat.  Of course, these types of ideas won't work in a designer home, but then again, people with designer homes usually have plenty of room for storage!

The key to maximizing your space is to make sure that the items being stored are effectively organized.  Whatever choices you use to create that organization - baskets, boxes, totes, old pieces of furniture, shelving or clothing rods - will go a long way toward giving you the maximum amount of storage in your living space.

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Comments (1)

Good morning Miz. Good work. You have inspired me to write several articles that expand on the suggestions that you have made here. I'm going to link back to yours so you'll get some of the credit as well. I've got my eye on you.