Why Some People Need to Hire a Clutter Consultant
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Why Some People Need to Hire a Clutter Consultant

As unconventional many might view the need for someone to come into their home or business to de-clutter their lives. The need is very much desired by popular demand.

Whether some label it as odd or strange, it is a necessity to quite a few. Some people have an issue with letting go of there items. Some people are collectors of sorts. Then there are those who just can’t see throwing anything in the garbage. In the back of there mind they might be able to re use it again one day. So with that thought, it stays. Before they realize it, the clutter takes on a life of it’ own. That top dresser draw you use as a quick place to store important items. Now has its own personality and just keeps growing.

Everyone has a special characteristic about them.

  • Maybe you can sing and hold a tune.
  • While the next person can’t sing, but surely they can out dance you.
  • The neighbor across the street can build a house.
  • You can’t even hammer a nail.

I think my point is very clear. Organization is not something everyone is capable of. This why there are such positions some might label as unusual or unconventional. It just seems to be that much easier when a stranger asks you (do you really need that anymore?) What ever your issue with clutter may be, it is difficult to re arrange and get rid of items that on some level you value. The person you hire will be able to discard items you may have held on to far too long. To the organizer these items are just that. No meaning behind each thing you may see as a valued part of your life.

On many levels it’s a wise move to hire organizers to de-clutter your space. Don’t take for granted the gift of organization. Not everyone has it and those who do, utilize it to the best of there ability.

I personally had employment as a personal assistant. This quickly allowed me to enter the world of organization. This position allowed me to set me own schedule. This is a key factor when raising children. Not to mention the benefit of setting your own salary. I never charged extreme prices for the services I rendered. However, you can make a very comfortable living doing this kind of work. There are people in need of it, and they do appreciate the skill of de-cluttering and or organizing.

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